Wild camping in Germany: The most beautiful campsites and where to find them

Wildcampen in Deutschland: Die schönsten Stellplätze und wo sie zu finden sind

Wild camping is THE topic for outdoor enthusiasts and roof tent travelers. But what is the legal situation for wild camping in Germany? What happens if you break the rules and what practical, legal alternatives are there? In this article, you will find out everything you need to know to enjoy the adventure of wild camping in Germany safely and relaxed.


The legal situation in Germany

Wild camping with the roof tent

In principle, wild camping is prohibited in Germany and is punishable by law if it is not observed. Nature reserves and national parks are absolutely taboo. The legal regulations differentiate between camping and bivouacking. Bivouacking refers to sleeping in the open air, usually in a simple sleeping bag on a mat, and is not explicitly regulated in the law. However, spending the night in a roof tent is wild camping - and that is prohibited. The Federal Forest Act also restricts access to forest areas.

The exception is staying on the side of the road or in public places (unless expressly indicated otherwise) to ensure that you are fit to drive , although this is generally frowned upon. You can also spend the night on private property with the permission of the property owner.

However, the regulations surrounding wild camping differ from state to state . It is therefore difficult to make general statements and the options must always be considered on a case-by-case basis. Bavaria is particularly strict in this regard. However, in some areas, such as the Black Forest, some legal places to stay overnight in nature are also offered.


Penalties for wild camping in Germany: This is what you can expect if you break the rules

The penalties for wild camping also vary depending on the federal state and whether the areas in which you are staying are subject to special protection. For illegal overnight stays, the penalties range between €10 and €250. In protected areas, penalties of up to €2,500 are possible.

In any case, inform yourself in advance about the exact regulations of the respective regions so that you do not survive any nasty surprises.


The most beautiful places for your next adventure in Germany

Germany offers an impressive variety of breathtaking landscapes that are perfect for an unforgettable outdoor adventure. If you still need inspiration for your next trip in or through Germany, we have collected some of the most beautiful places for your next adventure here:

  1. Black Forest: Immerse yourself in the deep forests and picturesque valleys of this legendary mountain range.
  2. Bavarian Alps: Experience majestic mountain panoramas and clear mountain lakes in this impressive region.
  3. Mecklenburg Lake District: A natural water park, perfect for paddling and swimming.
  4. Saxon Switzerland: Marvel at the impressive sandstone formations and conquer the climbing routes of this unique landscape.
  5. North and Baltic Sea coasts: Enjoy the coastal landscapes with their endless beaches and picturesque dunes.
  6. Spessart: Explore the vast meadows and forests of this charming low mountain range.


The best pitches in nature: Easy and safe via hinterland.camp

However, there are a few alternative options for spending a night outdoors safely and legally. There are now numerous platforms that can help you find the perfect and quiet (private) place to stay for the night.

hinterland.camp pitches

These platforms offer a variety of private pitches , from classic campsites, special accommodations to remote locations in the middle of nature. So you can enjoy the adventure and freedom of wild camping without having to worry about legal consequences .

The best option for uncomplicated booking and unique overnight accommodation in Germany is offered by hinterland.camp . On their platform you will find tent and camping pitches close to nature with private hosts, tiny houses and cabins in secluded locations , spread across Germany and in different price ranges. Some private pitches are particularly practical and affordable thanks to the spontaneous and flexible booking options and are perfect for planning your next adventure at your own pace. With a separate tab for cars with roof tents, hinterland.camp is the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for unforgettable experiences in nature. In the photos you will find a small foretaste of the idyllic places that you can book for your trip via hinterland.camp.


Wild camping in Germany may seem challenging at first glance, but with a little planning you can spend unforgettable nights in nature here too. Find out about the legal regulations in advance and use legal pitches to enjoy the freedom and beauty of the landscapes without any worries. Platforms like hinterland.camp help you find special pitches and experience a carefree trip.

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