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  • Developed in Austria
  • Offroad quality
  • Free customer service

Give the gift of adventure with our off-road voucher!

Do you dream of exciting off-road adventures where you can explore the boundaries of the terrain and live out your sense of adventure? With our voucher, you can make these dreams come true and prepare for unforgettable adventures.

Why the horntools voucher is a must:

  1. Comprehensive selection: Our voucher opens the door to a huge selection of off-road and camping accessories, from roof tents to winches to camping furniture. Whether you're an experienced off-roader or just starting out, we have the right accessories for you.

  2. Quality and reliability: We only offer high quality products. You can be sure that the off-road accessories you buy or give as a gift with our voucher are durable and reliable, so you can enjoy any adventure without worry.

  3. Customization: Design your off-road experience according to your wishes. With our voucher, you can choose accessories that perfectly suit your vehicle and your driving style.

  4. Safety first: Our off-road accessories are designed to ensure the safety of you and your passengers. You can trust that our products have passed the toughest tests.

  5. Professional advice: Our experts are here to help you make sure you choose the right gear for your off-road adventure. We are happy to help you make the best decisions.

With our voucher, you not only receive high-quality products, but also the freedom to explore the most exciting trails and experience unforgettable moments in nature. Don't miss the opportunity to make your off-road dreams come true!

Buy our off-road accessories voucher today and start your next adventure on four wheels!


The voucher will be sent digitally and will be with you within minutes.

Why horntools?

Off-road quality

All of our products were developed for extreme off-road use and therefore meet the highest quality requirements.

Spare parts available

When things get tough, something can always be lost or broken. We are in favor of repairing instead of throwing away and therefore always have spare parts in stock.

Best customer service

Do you have questions about purchasing or installation? No problem: our customer service is always there for you.
Contact us.

5-year guarantee

We voluntarily give a 5-year guarantee on roof tents, roof racks and winches because we stand behind our quality 100%.

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