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horntools GmbH was founded in Dornbirn, Austria, in 1994 out of a desire to supply the European market with high-quality off-road and overlanding equipment. The first product developed in-house was the horntools cable winch. Even though rope winches are still an essential part of the portfolio today, it now includes numerous other products. In addition to winches and recovery accessories, adventure seekers will also find roof tents, roof racks and practical camping and off-road equipment.

Product development to customer service: everything in one place

At our headquarters in Dornbirn, the horntools team works every day to ensure that you experience your adventures safely, comfortably and carefree. To this end, our employees develop, optimize and tinker with existing and new products and test them with the utmost care. Internal product development, including prototyping, is at the heart of horntools and enables us to remain fast and innovative.

All our products are regularly tested in the field and pushed to their limits to offer you maximum quality and off-road capability.

We are also known for our quality as a body manufacturer. We work closely with well-known car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and Isuzu to develop customized solutions for new vehicle models.

Our vision

We enable our customers to experience adventures by car, even off the beaten track.


What we stand for

For maximum reliability - even off the known paths

All of our products are developed for extreme use and off-road tested . Your safety is our top priority. That's why our products are tested under the most adverse conditions . This means you can embark on your adventures off the beaten track without worry - whether at the North Cape, the savannah or at home. If something does get lost or broken, you will also find a large selection of spare parts and our customer support team will always provide you with competent advice.

The travel companions who stay

Quality and durability form the foundation of the horntools company philosophy. We are convinced of the quality of our products and therefore offer a voluntary 5-year guarantee on our roof tents, awnings, roof racks and cable winches. This means you can be sure that you are not just buying products, but loyal travel companions that will last you for a long time. True to our motto "repair instead of throwing away" , we have spare parts in stock for many of our products to enable you to have them repaired quickly.

The most important off-road and camping equipment from a single source

Our range offers everything you need for your car adventure - from winches to roof racks and roof tents to practical camping and off-road accessories. We understand that choosing the right equipment is crucial for unforgettable experiences. That's why our customer service is always on hand to help if you have any questions about our products or their installation and setup.

> 10,000 packages per year

> 350 products

> 200 retailer

Ready for the next adventure? Let's explore the world together.

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