Recovery material

High-quality recovery equipment for off-road use. Includes: sand plates, kinetic recovery ropes, pulleys for use with synthetic rope and soft shackles.


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Recovery boardsRecovery boards
Sale price199,00€
Outdoor Shovel / Spade SurvivorOutdoor Shovel / Spade Survivor
Sale price129,90€
Recovery Kit XL with snatch block including accessories Recovery Kit XL with snatch block including accessories
Bergeseil kinetischBergeseil kinetisch
Sale priceFrom 119,90€
Recovery kit including accessories with deflection pulley up to 4 tonsRecovery kit including accessories with deflection pulley up to 4 tons
Winch RingWinch Ring
Sale price89,90€
Soft shackle with shear protectionSoft shackle with shear protection
Sale priceFrom 34,90€
Verlangerungsseil 2Verlangerungsseil 3
Sale price99,90€

Recovery equipment and accessories for off-road recovery

What should be taken into account?

Off-road adventures not only bring fun and adrenaline, but also challenges. One of the most important aspects of a successful and safe off-road trip is the right recovery equipment. It can make the difference between an easy rescue from a difficult situation and a lengthy and potentially dangerous incident. High-quality recovery equipment is essential.

Tow ropes and recovery straps

Tow ropes and recovery straps are essential tools for off-road enthusiasts. They must be strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle and absorb shocks. It is important to choose straps made of durable materials that allow for safe recovery.

Shovels and sand sheets

Shovels are simple but effective tools for freeing vehicles from mud, snow or sand. A high-quality folding shovel is ideal for off-road trips as it is lightweight and takes up little space. Sand boards are also important to provide traction and free the vehicle from soft surfaces.


The right recovery equipment is essential for a safe and successful off-road experience. Tow ropes, shovels, sand plates, winches, jacks, tire pressure monitoring systems and air compressors are just some of the important tools that no off-road vehicle should be without. With the right equipment and preparation, off-road adventures can be safe and enjoyable.

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