Ford Ranger off-road accessories: equipment for every terrain

Ford Ranger Offroad Zubehör: Equipment für jedes Gelände

The enthusiasm for off-road adventures and overlanding is constantly growing, and many are looking for ways to optimally equip their vehicles for the challenges off the beaten track. In one of our previous magazine articles, we looked at the possible accessories for a true legend of the off-road scene, the Suzuki Jimny. Today we are turning our attention to another popular model in the off-road community: the Ford Ranger and the matching off-road accessories.

The Ford Ranger is known for its robustness and versatility, making it an ideal candidate for extensive off-road modifications. Here you will find an overview of a range of accessories for the Ford Ranger from 2016 to 2022 as well as accessories for the Ford Ranger from 2023 with which you can upgrade your vehicle for your adventures.

The must-haves: off-road accessories for every vehicle

Ford Ranger

Before we look at the special accessories for the Ford Ranger, we would like to introduce universal equipment that can become indispensable for any off-road vehicle.

  • Underrun protection: Protects the sensitive parts of the vehicle underbody from damage caused by rocks, branches and other obstacles.
  • Roof rack: Provides additional storage space for equipment such as roof tents, canisters, tools or can be used to attach lighting and awnings.
  • Winches: An essential tool for towing and (self-)recovering the vehicle from deep mud, snow or sand.
  • Rockslider: Protect the side skirts and doors from damage caused by rocks and other obstacles in the terrain, which is particularly important in rocky or uneven terrain. They can also be used as a step, which can make getting in and out of higher vehicles easier.
  • Recovery Boards: Provide a quick and easy way to extricate yourself from soft sand, mud or snow without external assistance by improving traction under the wheels.
  • Compressors: Allow you to quickly adjust tire pressure to suit different types of terrain, and help re-inflate tires after a repair or air pressure adjustment.
  • Lighting: Additional LED light bars or headlights improve visibility and safety off-road.


In addition to vehicle-independent accessories, heavy-duty extensions, bed supports or rear winch systems developed specifically for the Ford Ranger are crucial additions that take the vehicle's off-road capability and functionality to a new level.


#1 Heavy-duty extension for Ford Ranger

Ford Ranger Heavy Duty Extract

A heavy-duty slide-out is a special system that is installed in the bed of a vehicle. It allows heavy objects or equipment to be loaded and unloaded more easily by extending part of the bed. Heavy-duty slide-outs are robustly built and can carry large loads while allowing for an orderly and efficient use of storage space.

Heavy-duty drawers for the Ford Ranger offer a practical solution for organizing and transporting heavy equipment during off-road adventures or in everyday life. The robust drawer systems allow easy access to tools, camping equipment or other heavy items. This way you can reach your equipment without having to climb into the loading area or bend down. Thanks to their robust construction and load-bearing capacity, heavy-duty drawers for the Ford Ranger are able to hold even heavy loads safely and ensure even weight distribution in the loading area.


#2 Bed Rack cargo area carrier for Ford Ranger

Bed Rack Ford Ranger

A bed rack (B-rack for short) or cargo area carrier is a special system that is mounted on the loading area of ​​a vehicle. Thanks to its robust construction and flexible mounting options, the B-rack cargo area carrier can be adapted to individual needs and requirements. It can usually also be seamlessly integrated with roof rack systems.

Made from high-quality aluminum, the B-Rack from horntools is not only extremely light, but also extremely stable. Thanks to its modular design, it adapts to your needs and can be adjusted to four different heights and two lengths. With the B-Rack awning mounting system, you can also easily attach awnings to your B-Rack or use it to attach your roof tent.


#3 Ford Ranger rear winch system

Ford Ranger rear winch system horntools

A rear winch system is a special equipment that is mounted on the rear of a vehicle and includes a cable winch. This winch can be used to pull the vehicle out of difficult terrain situations or overcome obstacles by providing additional pulling power.

Our rear winch system can also be used if your Ford Ranger already has a drawer, a hardtop or a cargo area cover installed. The cable winch can only be used for ground traction and is ideal for pulling heavy loads and, for example, an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) onto the loading area of ​​the Ford Ranger.


Do you want to convert your Ford Ranger into a real off-road truck? At horntools you will find a variety of high-quality off-road accessories for the Ford Ranger. Discover our collections for the Ford Ranger accessories from 2016 to 2022 or for your Ford Ranger accessories from model year 2023.

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