Suzuki Jimny off-road accessories: everything you need for the Jimny conversion

Suzuki Jimny Offroad Zubehör: Alles, was du für den Jimny Umbau brauchst

The Suzuki Jimny is a true legend in the off-road scene . Its compact design, coupled with impressive off-road capabilities, makes it the ideal vehicle for adventurers who want to venture off the beaten track. To get the most out of your Jimny, it is essential to use the right off-road accessories and to upgrade the vehicle to suit your needs.

Suzuki Jimny off-road conversion

Suzuki Jimny GJ, HJ or FJ? The right Suzuki Jimny GJ & HJ accessories or Suzuki Jimny FJ accessories can make the difference between a successful off-road adventure and a frustrating experience. Which accessories are absolutely necessary and which you can do without depends entirely on your needs and your planned off-road use.

A comprehensive off-road conversion always starts with choosing the right components . From robust underbody protection that protects your Jimny from hard impacts, to rock sliders for additional safety, to roof racks for additional loading capacity - the options are diverse. A powerful cable winch system and high-quality lighting are also crucial to be prepared for every situation.

So that you can optimally upgrade and optimize your Suzuki Jimny for your next off-road adventure, we have put together an overview of the most important accessories.

#1 Underrun protection for Suzuki Jimny

The skid plate is an essential accessory for any off-road vehicle, including the Suzuki Jimny. It protects the sensitive parts of the underbody, such as the engine, gearbox and tank, from damage caused by rocks, tree stumps and other obstacles in the terrain.

#2 Suzuki Jimny Rock Slider

Suzuki Jimny roof rack

Rocksliders are sturdy side protection devices that are mounted on the sills of the vehicle. They are designed to protect the vehicle from damage caused by rocks, logs and other obstacles that must be overcome when driving off-road.

If you install rock sliders on your Suzuki Jimny, you will protect your vehicle from lateral deformation and scratches and can also use them as a step.

#3 Roof rack for Suzuki Jimny

A practical roof rack is an absolute must, regardless of your vehicle. In your Suzuki Jimny conversion, a roof rack is particularly valuable as it provides additional storage space for roof tents, jerry cans or other accessories. This proves to be particularly useful for longer off-road expeditions, camping trips or outdoor adventures where every extra loading area is an advantage. In addition, roof racks can also serve as a base for additional lighting or other accessories to further enhance the functionality of the Jimny.

#4 Winch system for Suzuki Jimny

horntools winch system Suzuki Jimny

winch system provides indispensable help in difficult off-road situations. It enables the vehicle to be safely recovered from deep mud, snow or over steep obstacles. For easy and safe installation, you can opt for a cable winch system specially developed for the Suzuki Jimny. This fits seamlessly into the front of the vehicle and offers impressive pulling power despite its compact design.

With a high-quality cable winch system, you and your Jimny are well equipped for any off-road challenge, which significantly increases safety and independence during off-road adventures.

#5 Off-road lighting

High-quality lighting is another essential part of the Suzuki Jimny conversion. In off-road terrain, where lighting conditions can often be unpredictable and challenging, reliable lighting ensures that you always have an overview. Especially when driving at night or in densely wooded areas , powerful lighting is crucial for your safety.

Industry-leading manufacturer OSRAM offers a wide range of vehicle lighting solutions specifically designed for off-road adventures. From OSRAM headlights to light bars, you'll find the right lighting for off-road and camping adventures.

#6 Other useful off-road accessories

horntools Recovery Boards

In addition to the basic modifications and accessories, there are also a variety of additional accessories that make the Suzuki Jimny even better equipped for off-road adventures. Recovery boards and compressors are among the particularly useful helpers.

Recovery Boards

Recovery boards provide your vehicle with additional traction and make it easier to get out of stuck positions in mud, sand or snow. Simply placed under the tires, recovery boards enable quick and efficient recovery without the need for external help. With a recovery board bracket, the sand boards can also be attached directly to the roof rack.


Another important piece of equipment is the compressor. A portable air compressor is ideal for adjusting tire pressure as needed. This is especially useful when you are moving between different types of terrain or returning to the road after an off-road trip and need to increase tire pressure. A good compressor will ensure that your tires are always optimally inflated, which not only improves performance but also extends the life of the tires.


With the right accessories and a well-thought-out conversion, your Suzuki Jimny will be the perfect companion for every off-road adventure. Whether it's underbody protection, rock sliders, roof racks, cable winch systems, lighting or other useful accessories such as recovery boards and compressors - each of these components helps to increase the performance and safety of your vehicle. Invest in high-quality accessories to ensure that your Suzuki Jimny is optimally equipped for every off-road adventure and that you can face every challenge with confidence.


horntools Suzuki Jimny expansion

Would you like to convert your Suzuki Jimny FJ, GH or HJ for off-road use?

Then you will find the right accessories for Suzuki Jimny GJ/HJ or accessories for Suzuki Jimny FJ here.

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