B-Rack roof rack overlay for mid top

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Pickup Bed Rack System - B-RACK

A system developed for all pickups and all requirements. Regardless of whether you are a camper, craftsman or hunter - the B-Rack was developed as a modular system. Made of high-quality aluminum, the B-Rack is not only very light, but also extremely rigid.

Overlay roof rack for MidTop B-Rack base rack

The optimal addition to the basic carrier for roof tents, long goods and other bulky loads. The overlay roof rack is designed so that there is still enough distance from the cab even when the chassis is folded - despite being loaded. We used the space at the back and installed two waterproof and dustproof flaps to form a large compartment. There are numerous mounting and lashing options available throughout the carrier. There are two designated mounting locations for work lights on the front of the overlay.


  • Load capacity of loading area - static: 300 kg
  • Load capacity of loading area - dynamic: 100 kg
  • Roof load capacity - static: 80 kg
  • Roof load capacity - dynamic: 40 kg

The dynamic load capacity is not the manufacturer's approval. The manufacturer's load capacity must not be exceeded. The static load indicates the load capacity when stationary. The dynamic load capacity refers exclusively to paved roads. The load must be evenly distributed across the surface.

A notice:

  • This is just the overlay roof rack! The B-Rack base carrier must be purchased separately.
  • When setting up, care must be taken to ensure that there is always at least 5 cm of space between the overlay and the vehicle. For vehicles with a railing, this may need to be removed.
  • The original antenna can no longer be used with the roof rack. You can replace it with a flexible or short antenna. Please make sure beforehand whether the replacement antenna is compatible.
  • Due to manufacturer tolerances in the area of ​​the loading areas
    In individual cases, our products may not fit precisely.
  • The Isuzu DMAX requires the slightly higher B-Rack: HBR50_135.

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