Quick Fist 70-381 mm XL tool holder 2 pcs.

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This tool holder consists of two straps. These straps are each 356 mm long and can hold round objects up to 381 mm in diameter. In linear measurement, even equipment up to 711 mm can be accommodated. Each bracket has a reliable load capacity of 68 kg and the breaking load is 176 kg. Two holders can hold 136 kg, with a breaking load of 272 kg. The tool holders are easy to assemble and the mounting surface of the holder is 51 x 51 mm. The plastic was tested in accordance with AfPS GS 2015:01 PAH and is suitable for long-term skin contact.


The two parts of the holder must be assembled so that each side is aligned as shown,
the arrows at the bottom of each page point toward each other. Use #10 bolts or screws and
appropriate washers to secure each floor. Don't overtighten.

If you want to attach a cylinder, make sure the base sits on a wing or support. Alternatively, angle iron or wooden supports can be used (see illustration).
This makes it easier to tighten the straps with both hands.

Assemble the base so that the strap is parallel to the outside edge of the item being attached.

The “ladder” section of the holder can be stretched approximately 25 mm when pulling on the strap (NOT the ladder “steps” or bars).

To transport a cylinder, tighten the belt by pulling the “jaw” portion through
the narrowest “ladder” section and then pull the two halves in opposite directions.
If you want to attach a rectangular piece of equipment, you will need to press firmly on the “ladder” section while keeping the “jaw” section flat.

Scope of delivery:

2x Quick Fist tool holder

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