horntools heroes: Niko's overlanding adventure from GER to GHA

horntools heroes: Nikos Overlanding-Abenteuer von DE nach GHA

With the new blog series "horntools heroes" we take up stories of off-road and overlanding adventurers and accompany them on their journey. Driven by their passion for adventure and new discoveries, they overcome boundaries, discover the world and equip us with a good dose of inspiration.


Our first hero, Nikolai Fromm, has big plans: to travel around 30,000 km from Germany to Ghana in his converted BMW X3. The 25-year-old from southern Germany has been working as a photographer for several years and uses his travels to develop himself personally and professionally. The idea of ​​discovering new places in his car came about two years ago. "On the way home from a lovely holiday in South Tyrol, an old VW bus drove in front of me. For over an hour I just rolled behind it at around 60 km/h and enjoyed the journey, the road and the weather. That's when the idea of ​​discovering new places in my vehicle came about," he says. Since then, he has done everything he can to make this dream come true. In the last year and a half, Niko has lived in his car for over 8 months and traveled to over 10 countries in Europe. But his biggest adventure is still ahead of him: the trip from Germany to Ghana and back again.


The adventure: from GER to GHA and back again

For Niko, the trip to Ghana (West Africa) is more than just an adventure in which he tests new boundaries and faces challenges. It is a return to a place that he called home for over a year during his voluntary social year. During this time, he was able to get to know the country and its people well and support several social projects. He would like to continue this on this trip. He also hopes to get some breathtaking photos and exciting videos in order to develop himself professionally and to realize his dream of one day being able to finance himself completely through his travels.

horntools Awning Straight rolled up on the vehicle roof

"I never have a precise route, because I always go with the flow and make my decisions on the spot, often very spontaneously, about how to proceed," Niko answers when asked about his travel route. Nevertheless, it will probably take me close to the west coast through the countries of Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Guinea and the Ivory Coast to Ghana. He expects the approximately 30,000 km to take 6 to 12 months. He has no specific expectations; he likes to be surprised. Niko is most looking forward to the great local nature, the different cultures, having time for himself and challenging off-road adventures and great sunsets in the desert or on the coast. "I don't have any major concerns beforehand. You first have to get used to each country and the local people and how to deal with them."



Niko cooking at the back of his vehicle

The rules of the game

Niko has set his own rules for his trip. What that means: No motorways, no campsites and 100% self-sufficient for maximum adventure and the best memories.


Niko's Top 3 Must-haves for GHA

  1. sunscreen and mosquito spray
  2. small USB fan
  3. sunglasses


The car: BMW X3

Clothesline stretched from BMW X3 to a tree

Niko's travel vehicle is a 2006 BMW X3, an heirloom from his grandfather, which he has prepared with great care and dedication for the upcoming trip. "I spent the last 6 months converting and remodeling it," he says. "Originally, only a few small things were to be adjusted and the bed changed. Over time, however, the project became more and more extensive and the planned 6 weeks quickly turned into 6 months."

When equipping his vehicle, Niko had to be pragmatic in order to accommodate everything he needed for the long journey. A full-size spare wheel, an additional battery, recovery equipment, an awning, photo and drone equipment, additional headlights, and water and diesel canisters are among the essential features of his vehicle. He was not alone in this: "My father helped me with a lot of things," says Niko. Together they designed a tailor-made roof rack with attachment and an underrun protection made of sturdy aluminum plates. The interior was cleverly divided into three areas: on the right the bed, the spare wheel and a drawer pull-out, on the left a storage area, a cool box and a workstation, and at the front a storage area for the photo equipment.

horntools Outdoor Shovel Survivor

Niko also uses a number of horntools products. In addition to a complete recovery set with soft shackles and tow straps, he also has the multifunctional shovel with him. "This is definitely my favorite because it is simply very well made, looks good and can be used for several things," he explains. He has also attached a 1.4 meter long straight awning to the roof rack to protect himself from the sun. To get better access to his storage boxes on the roof, he uses the additional step , which can be easily attached to each side of the doors.

Niko has also made provisions for possible breakdowns or problems. "I invested in some good tools for the trip and took almost everything that I used during the conversion with me," he says. He has a jack, spare wheel, tire repair kit, various filters and spare parts for the car, air compressor, recovery equipment such as recovery boards, straps and shackles. He also has a small satellite communication device with him for absolute emergencies.


Niko's tips for a successful overlanding adventure

Niko filling up water canisters

Given his experience and the journey ahead, Niko has some valuable advice for those who want to start overlanding or embark on a similarly adventurous journey. "Just do it," is his first tip. Get well informed beforehand, prepare yourself and the vehicle, get to know it, and then go." He stresses that you don't always need the best equipment and the roughest off-road tires. "Often your own skills and experience count more," he adds. "You have to find a vehicle that you like and that can do what you want to do with it."

Since the end of March, Niko has been on his journey from Germany to Ghana. If you want to be part of his adventure, you can find exciting insights on his Instagram profile _nfphotography_ or his YouTube channel. We wish him all the best and are already looking forward to more impressions of his adventure.


Niko's story is an inspiring example of how pursuing and realizing your dreams can lead to unforgettable adventures. And maybe it will encourage you to pursue your dream, whatever it may be, and provide a push to start your adventure.

Let us be brave together, because the world is waiting to be discovered by us.

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Witold Lapinski

Witold Lapinski

Spannend. Ich habe Niko Ende Dezember 2022 auf Lefkada (Griechenland) kennen gelernt. Ich und meine Freundin Annette waren seit Oktober 2022 mit unserem in Richtung Türkei unterwegs, Niko war wieder auf der Rückreise. Ein sehr sympathischer Typ. Da ich lange Zeit in Ulm gelebt habe und auch gerne Drohne fliege, hatten wir, neben dem Overlanden natürlich, auch sofort einige Gemeinsamkeiten für das Lagerfeuer am Strand. Bin schon auf seine aktuellen Erlebnisse gespannt.



Wie außergewöhnlich mutig und spannend. Eine tolle Reise, die ich gerne verfolge. Bin gespannt auf neue Infos und Erfahrungsberichte.



Toller, interessanter Bericht und sehr schön geschrieben. Großes Lob znd Dank an den Verfasser(in). Wir sind auf Updates zu der Reise sehr gespannt.

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