Keeping your roof tent in top shape: Cleaning and care guide

Dachzelt richtig reinigen und pflegen

Have you ever wondered how you can best take care of your roof tent? And how do you clean and care for it so that it lasts for a long time? In this blog post we share 5 tried and tested steps to help you ensure the longevity of your rooftop tent.


Regular ventilation: a must for every roof tent

The secret to a long lifespan for your roof tent is: ventilate, ventilate, ventilate - even while you are using it. When traveling, you should regularly provide fresh air, preferably in sunny weather. It's best to open all the windows of your roof tent to ensure maximum air circulation.

💡 Tip: To prevent moisture build-up in the roof tent, we recommend using a mattress base. This ensures that any moisture that arises is quickly drained away, preventing mold formation and extending the life of your mattress.


Cleaning the outside of the roof tent: You can use this

horntools roof tent

Does your roof tent already look a bit dirty or has it been exposed to strong environmental influences? Maybe you have a longer trip or storage coming up? In all of these situations, it makes sense to clean the roof tent thoroughly.

The best way to do this is with cold or lukewarm water and a soft brush. To avoid damaging the tent material, do not use chemicals, soaps, detergents, or hard brushes. If you discover any damage or stubborn mildew or mold stains, it is best to remove them immediately with enough water or a special cleaner. Then let your roof tent dry completely. Refreshing the waterproofing can also be useful after a particularly thorough cleaning or cleaning with a special cleaning agent for tents in order to restore water resistance.


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Interior cleaning: How to keep the inside of the roof tent clean and comfortable

Thoroughly cleaning your roof tent also includes the inside. It's best to clear out your sleeping stuff (blankets, pillows, etc.) and wash them separately. You can also do this with the mattress cover and the mattress base if you are using one. It's best to simply air out the mattress. The best way to remove dirt from the floor is with a vacuum cleaner; if there are stains, a damp cloth will help.

Here, too, make sure that the cleaned individual parts are completely dry before you equip your roof tent with them again.


After cleaning: impregnate for maximum protection

Waterproofing your roof tent ensures waterproofing and UV protection and should be renewed every one to two years, depending on use. Before you use your roof tent for the first time, we recommend waterproofing it. The best way to do this is to use a high-quality agent or waterproofing spray from a tent or outdoor specialist store.


Be careful with seams and zippers: This is how you protect them as best as possible

horntools roof tent seams and zippers

The seams of a roof tent are the heart of the tent and therefore require special care. To ensure that they last a long time, they must not dry out completely, as this can cause the seams to break. We therefore recommend checking them regularly and treating them inside and out with a block of beeswax. This brings elasticity to the seams and promotes waterproofing. If the seams still leak, you can remedy the situation with a seam sealer. In addition, the zippers require treatment with silicone spray to ensure reliable functionality.

💡 Tip: A bottle of seam sealer is a useful addition to any roof tent owner's emergency kit.


If something is irreversibly damaged or needs to be replaced, we offer a variety of replacement parts specifically for the Desert roof tent. This includes, among other things, the entire tent fabric, the rain cover, the mattress cover, various mattresses and the appropriate pads. Click here for the spare parts.

With these simple steps, you will be well prepared for upcoming adventures and ensure that you can enjoy your roof tent for a long time. Make sure to ventilate your roof tent regularly, clean it inside and out, waterproof it and care for the seams and zippers. This not only ensures that your roof tent has a long service life, but also ensures that you are comfortable and safe while on the move.

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