Rear winch system PickUp Between 80m Airline System hunting winch

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The rear winch carrier from horntools fits perfectly into your loading area. It can also be used if a drawer, hardtop or cargo area cover is installed. If rails are already installed, you can integrate the rear winch carrier. Depending on the vehicle's equipment, retrofit rails may be required.

The Alpha 9.5 Quick Compact winch included in the set was specially developed for users who have little space available. Despite its compact design, the winch has a pulling force of 4.3 tons.

The special thing about the Quick models of the Alpha series is the extremely high maximum pulling speed of 15 m/min (measured without load). This allows you to pull your loads or other items onto the loading area even faster.

Please note that for platforms with a cargo area liner, cutouts must be made to attach the airline rails. If you want to save yourself time and work, we recommend removing the tub.


  • Motor IP67 sealed by groove with sealing ring
  • Freewheel lever
  • Stainless steel crossbars
  • Reinforced rope drum
  • Internal drum brake with 3 brake shoes
  • Powder-coated aluminum die-cast housing motor/gearbox
  • Removable control unit (so that the control can be installed anywhere)
  • Reinforced, powder-coated contactor housing made of deep-drawn sheet metal

Transmission 3-stage planetary gear
Max. pulling force 1600 kg
Max. train speed 15 m/min*
Weight of winch 27.7 kg
Engine type Series Wound**
Reduction 110:1
Max. Input 600 amps
Tension 12V
Rope (∅ x length) 4 mm x 80 m
Drum (∅ x length) 63 x 120 mm
Overall size (LxWxH) 471 x 160 x 250 mm

*measured without load
**magnetic field is generated electrically

Scope of delivery:

  • Rear winch carrier
  • Mounting plate
  • Cableset
  • Winch
  • Aluminum cable window
  • Fastening screws
  • Synthetic rope with hooks
  • Cable remote control
  • Radio remote control
  • Operation manual



Please note that our winches may only be used for ground traction and are not suitable for lifting!
The operating instructions for the winch must be read completely before use and must be strictly followed, otherwise there is a risk of injury!
The carrier was designed for a load of up to two tons. This durability has been successfully tested by our team.
However, we have set the load on the cross member at 300 kg, as there is a risk of damage to your vehicle with a higher load.



We grant a 5-year guarantee on the gearbox and drum of the winch in compliance with the guarantee and service regulations.
To do this, please fill out our warranty application in our user manual and send it back to us by email.
The guarantee only applies to private users, not to commercial use and only if the operating instructions are followed.


A notice:

You can get all the important information about handling your new winch in the operating instructions and from your specialist dealer.
This winch can produce a higher level of noise.

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We voluntarily give a 5-year guarantee on roof tents, roof racks and winches because we stand behind our quality 100%.

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