Skid plate gearbox with VTG for Mercedes X-Class 250

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Gearbox skid plate for Mercedes X-Class suitable for the Mercedes

The horntools skid plate was designed and built according to the Mercedes Benz construction guidelines. It has been designed with 4 mm wall thickness to be stiffened in the relevant areas to achieve the maximum strength the vehicle needs off-road.

We welded all the backsplashes and then treated the aluminum with cathodic dip painting so that the powder coating lasts longer. We decided on powder coating in order to install a high-quality and beautiful component on the vehicle and thus enhance the overall character of the Mercedes-Benz.

At the same time, the lifting points for the jack are clearly marked. The skid plate has all relevant ventilation points for the transmission and the exhaust system. Drainage and cleaning openings were installed for off-road use so that mud and dirt don't get caught.

We use aluminum 5052, which is higher quality aluminum than is otherwise used for skid plate.

We have already prepared major interventions for assembly in order to reduce assembly time to a minimum.

The transmission skid plate can only be installed in combination with the radiator and engine skid plate.

On vehicles with a body lift, the skid plate can only be installed if our winch system is installed.


Technical data:

Weight: approx. 14 kg

Material: aluminum 5052

Coating: KTL/powder coating

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